Atelier Restaurant

 Here's a pic of the building across the street from where I work. I thought it was abandoned and just waiting to be condemned but I found out from the cafe owners next door that it was in fact a chic restaurant! Its name Atelier translates to "workshop" and I guess that accounts for its industrial appearance. After 2 previous cancellations, my sister and I finally made good on our reservation and enjoyed a culinary evening with a 12-course tasting menu serving 'New Canadian' food based on hypermodern culinary technique and technology.". Our meal included salmon, cod, tuna, prawns, clams, elk, boar, rabbit liver, and lamb.

Started off with bread and butter served in a tube.

We opted for the wine pairing which included a new wine with most courses. The half servings were plenty for this gal. (After the meal, I collapsed in a coma on my couch!) My favourite wine was the final dessert wine but by the end of the meal, we were so satiated, we couldn't really savour it fully.

A colourful start for the first course. This one was my sister's fave.

Call me crabby but this was my favourite course!

This was one of my faves. The egg yolk was prepared "sous vide" and was velvety in texture.

Glad that I finally got to see what happens behind those doors!